Next Gen News - Episode #7

February 24th, 2010

Week #7 has arrived! Next Gen News is CraveOnline's weekly gaming podcast where we discuss all the tasty nuggets of information drifting around the gaming industry. We also accomplish this in 10 minutes or less so you don't have to listen to us prattle on like a pair of idiots for very long. Basically, Next Gen News is win/win for everyone!

This week Joey Davidson and I talk Activision's big competition for independent gamers, details regarding the next game in Bethesda's Fallout series, the chances of ever seeing a remake of Final Fantasy VII, and how Bungie just can't seem to let go of its one true love, Halo.

So now that you're super excited to listen in, you've got two options: download the podcast for later listening, or subscribe on iTunes. Either way is a good choice. If you decide to subscribe via iTunes be sure to leave us some feedback, we're dying to hear from everyone and find out what you all think of the show.

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Next Gen News - Episode #6

February 17th, 2010

Welcome back to the big time Crave readers/listeners. We're happy to present episode #6 of Next Gen News, CraveOnline's weekly gaming podcast where we cover all the happenings of the gaming industry in ten minutes or less. That's our hook, and we're sticking to it. I think at this point that's enough of an introduction, don't you?

Anywho, this week we cover a number of juicy topics deserving of some thought provoking back and forth. Like clockwork, front and center is Halo: Reach, but also we discuss the January NPDs (sales figures), the upcoming Sony motion controller, the new Windows Phone 7 Series' Xbox Live integration (that's a mouthful), and how an Australian Attorney General is terrified of gamers.

And as always, you can either download the podcast via the link provided for later listening, or subscribe to us on iTunes (link also provided). So get on with it already, get learned.

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Next Gen News - Episode #5

February 9th, 2010

Week five of Next Gen News is survivor week. As few people know, we record the show in Delaware and right now Delaware is being slammed with snow, thundersnow to be exact, weather channel's words, not ours. But we've holed up in a bunker to record the podcast because we love you guys. Also, we made a comment a few weeks back that we're more consistant than weekly comic book releases, a statement we're now kicking ourselves for. Either way, here's the skinny on our program: Next Gen News is CraveOnline's weekly gaming podcast, covering the biggest (and smallest) happens in the industry in ten minutes or less.

This week's show covers the massive release schedule of EA Games in early 2011, the possibility of Wii exclusive Dead Space: Extraction coming to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the Playstation Network potentially having an annual fee, and a game whose title is so awesome that it isn't worth spoiling right here, right now. So get your click on already!

And finally, as always, you can choose to download the episode to listen to when you have some free time, or subscribe to us on iTunes. If you prefer the download option, right click the "Right click, save as" link and do as the link instructs. And If you want to become a "true fan" of NGN, follow the "Subscribe on iTunes" link and get pumped because you're officially part of the cool club.

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Next Gen News - Episode #4

February 3rd, 2010

Next Gen News #4

It's alright, no need to panic, Episode #4 is here. Next Gen News is CraveOnline's weekly gaming podcast where Joey Davidson and myself, Erik Norris, discuss the latest happenings of the video game industry. Some of the things we talk about are important, others, not so much. But either way, important or not, NGN is the only place to hear our super sexy voices talk about really nerdy shit.

This week's discussions range from the new king of Nintendo, as well as the company's plans for the future, the rumored relaunch of the failed PSPgo, Halo: Reach not using Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal peripheral, and how no one at CBS wants to go to Hell, although our money's on most of them ending up there later on down the road anyway.

And as always, we give you choices. You can listen to the podcast via the embedded player at the bottom of this article, download the show from the "Download Now" link for later listening, or subscribe to us on iTunes (link also provided). The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

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