Next Gen News - Episode #15

April 28th, 2010

Today marks Next Gen News' 15th birthday. Hooray! Since we've been around for so long I'm going to keep this short and sweet. First, the formal stuff: NGN aims to get you caught up on the latest within the video game industry in ten minutes or less. But more importantly, this is the show to tune in for if you're looking for two of the sexiest man-children on the planet to be your virtual voice guides. I, of course, speak of Joey Davidson and myself, Erik Norris.

This week's show focuses on a number of hot topics circulating the gaming industry. Front and center is the ruling to ban the sale of "M" rated video games to minors in the state of California by the Supreme Court. But we also take time to talk Metroid: Other M being delayed, streaming MLB.TV to your PS3, Respawn Entertainment hiring ex-Infinity Ward employees, and CraveOnline's own Halo: Reach beta code giveaway.

And as always, you have the option to listen to our show by subscribe to our iTunes channel, or by saving the file for later listening. Also, we have a Twitter account which has really blown up in the last few days thanks to the Halo: Reach beta giveaway. So leave us some feedback, send us some messages/funny videos on Twitter, and we'll catch you next week for our super sweet sixteen party.

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Next Gen News - Episode #14

April 21st, 2010

Going green and discussing Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Arkham Asylum 2 villains and Roger Ebert being a jackass.

"Going Green" is the big thing right now. We at Next Gen News have followed suit and are now a completely green podcast, no longer requiring a paper instruc....err....shit, we've never required a paper manual to operate this damn thing. Well, glad I could come to this epiphany after investing an obscene amount of time into this week's header image (seriously, I was struggling with that).

There is a lot to talk about this week, stuff ranging from March sales figures, the latest Batman villains in Arkham Asylum 2, Roger Ebert's preposterous claims that games can never be "art," and the big announcement of Marvel vs Capcom 3 that happened at Capcom's yearly press event, Captivate.

And as always, you can subscribe to us on iTunes if you wish, or just download the show for later listening. Also, following us on Twitter is now an option. We haven't really started to effectively utilize the Twitter account just yet, but we're getting there. So stay tuned. But in the meantime, get to listening, fools!


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Next Gen News - Episode #13

April 14th, 2010

Another week and another Next Gen News. It's the way of the beast. You know the deal: NGN covers 10 news items (or less) in 10 minutes (or less) within the gaming industry. Joey Davidson and I (Erik Norris) have a blockbuster episode for you this week to make up for last week's rather boring one (it was a slow week damnit!).

This week we talk about the change in price of MS Points on Xbox Live, Joey rants, once again, about a newly announced Pokemon title, we continue to discuss the hot topic of Activision vs. Infinity Ward, and finally, we chit-chat about Gears of War 3.

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Next Gen News - Episode #12

April 7th, 2010

Welcome back faithful listeners. Welcome to Next Gen News episode #12, the most bestest episode of NGN yet! Inside you'll find discussions on everything from PlayStation 3 firmware updates, to how well Project Natal is expected to sell, to Valve's stance on storytelling, to all the game related hi-jinks that took over the interwebs on April 1st!

So that's enough for a teaser. Now it's time for you to get to the listening. Subscribe to us on iTunes or download the show to listen to at your leisure. Also, leave us some feedback. We love to hear what are listeners have to say about the show, even if it's the most hateful, nasty shit humanly possible. In all honesty, that's the kind of stuff we like to hang up on our wall to remind us we're doing something right!

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