Next Gen News - Episode #76

August 31st, 2011

Welcome back to Next Gen News, CraveOnline’s weekly gaming podcast with your hosts Joey Davidson, Alex Keen and Erik Norris.

To kick off this week’s episode, Joey, Alex and Erik weigh in on their experiences with Deus Ex: Human Revolution thus far. Joey and Alex have each played a handful of hours with the title, while Erik is still lallygagging at the game’s opening. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has received unanimous critical praise from the Internet hive-mind, but Joey and Alex have their problems with the title, which they express on the program.

After all the talk of Deus Ex, the conversation moves to Erik’s experiences at PAX Prime 2011 this past weekend. He got to check out a handful of blockbuster titles including Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Rage and Mass Effect 3, and he elaborates on each within. Erik also sadly admits there were no Master Chiefs in bikinis at the expo. For shame!

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Next Gen News - Episode #75

August 24th, 2011

The news has been light in the gaming world as of late. Super light. Some folks are reporting on gaming themed bandages right now, that's the kind of light we're talking about.

This week's podcast was initially going to be dedicated to the color brown in next month's shooter titles, but we decided to go with something a little more varied…

Like the color gold! We talk about what we're playing, and the way-too-golden Deus Ex: Human Revolution banners the show. We also touch on NHL 12, Bulletstorm and Madden 12.

Step up, listen to the show, follow us on Twitter, subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. It's good for you, we promise!!!

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Next Gen News - Episode #74

August 17th, 2011

It’s that time again, time for another episode of Next Gen News, CraveOnline’s weekly gaming podcast with your hosts Erik Norris, Joey Davidson and Alex Keen.

This week’s show covers two topics. First, we quickly blaze through the news of the PlayStation 3 dropping in price to $249.99. This discussion doesn’t last long because we’re all of the same mindset: if you haven’t bought a PS3 yet, now is the time. Then we move the conversation to some recent controversy that has swept through the gaming industry that makes us turn the magnifying glass on yourselves and ask, “Are gaming writers really journalists?” Our answer might surprise you, but it also leads to some pretty revealing discussion about the PR/gaming writer relationship. In the end, we manage to air our grievances with how this business is handled at times.

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Next Gen News - Episode #73

August 10th, 2011

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode #73 of Next Gen News; I swear, every week the number grows, and every week I'm surprised we've made it this far. Absurd.

This week's show features your usual panel of Erik, Alex and Joey as we discuss HBO Go coming to consoles and the news of the PS Vita not coming to the states until 2012. One super awesome, one not so super awesome. You'll have to listen (or use common sense) to figure out which is which.

Listen in, subscribe to the show, follow us on Twitter and leave us a review on iTunes. I know, we're asking for a lot here. Sorry.

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Next Gen News - Episode #72

August 3rd, 2011

Come one, come all to a new edition of Next Gen News, CraveOnline’s weekly gaming podcast with your hosts Joey Davidson, Alex Keen and myself, Erik Norris. This is episode #72 and this is the news...

This week’s program covers two hot topics currently taking the gaming industry by storm. Firstly, Nintendo has dropped the price of the 3DS by $80 to $169.99. We discuss the important of the price drop and if it will save the 3DS from becoming the next Virtual Boy. Secondly, Blizzard has announced that Diablo III will incorporate a real currency auction house where gamers can potentially make actual money hawking their virtual items in-game. We take some time to dissect this news and discuss what it could potentially mean for players who actually like to earn their virtual items. Then things get wacky as we close out this week’s show, so make sure you stick around until the end for a multitude of penis jokes. Seriously, they come fast and furious (that’s another one right there, wa-zing!).

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