Next Gen News - Episode #25

July 28th, 2010

Celebrating the big 25 with a special “on the road” episode. We’ve made it to our quarter century birthday. Yay us! To celebrate this joyous, monumentous occasion we’ve gone ahead and recorded this episode on the road. In fact--in a podcast first--this episode was actually recorded, on the fly, in two separate states. Your head probably just exploded. It’s ok, we’re here to nurse you back to health with some sweet gaming news talk. This week’s episode covers Epic’s “Save Carmine” campaign, the upcoming Green Lantern movie tie-in game, PS3 Netflix, Halo’s new Forge World and Activision Publishing’s CEO making the biggest bone-head statement of the year. There’s a lot of good stuff in here. Dig in! In order to listen you can download our show for later listening or choose to subscribe to us on iTunes. Links for both provided. Also, follow us on Twitter at @CraveNGN. We do stuff on there. Fun stuff. Promise. But that’s enough babbling, onward to the 25th anniversary episode of Next Gen News.

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