Next Gen News - Episode #42

December 1st, 2010

Welcome back to Next Gen News, CraveOnline’s weekly gaming podcast. Don’t worry, this week is not another shameful lesson is loneliness for Joey (even though we appreciate him flying solo last week). Instead, we’re now back to our regularly scheduled program with both Joey Davidson and myself, Erik Norris, ready to talk about the latest in gaming.

This week’s episode sees us touch on a number of interesting/terrifying Uncharted news bits--rumors of Uncharted 3 set to be revealed, and the casting of the David O. Russell film adaptation. We also talk about the wacky nominee choices made for the VGA. And finally, we breakdown what we’ve been playing recently so you have a good idea what to pick up, and what to avoid.

As always, subscribe to our show on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter at @CraveNGN. Leave us a note and give some feedback. We love to hear from the community! Until next week, get gaming!