Next Gen News - PAX East 2011 - Episode #1

March 10th, 2011

We have arrived in Boston (after a few hitches, we might add). And to celebrate our first night in Beantown, we've recorded a special PAX East preparation podcast for your listening pleasure. This speical episode's hosts are Joey Davidson, Erik Norris, Mike White and, new to the show, CraveOnline's Video Editor Mike Breiburg.

We're going to be honest, tonight's episode is light on actual video game discussion. Sure, we're about to embark on a journey that takes us into the bowels of a video game-specific convention, but this show is spotlighting everything leading up to that. We've been through some shit before safely arriving in Boston, so we're going to comment on that insanity. Listen into this powwow for talk about Zelda messenger bags, lonely men carrying single red roses on a quest to find true love, microphone dirty bombs and the terror of flight cancelllations. Oh, we also make a man's dream come true by reuniting him with Dunkin' Donut's coffee after a break of 8.5 years.

Lock and load, and keep it quiet for the shirtless man with a meeting in the early AM.

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